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Proof Engraving

Support Squad - Dixon

Support Squad - Dixon

The proceeds from this hat will go to Dixon's family to support him on the journey to a kidney transplant.

Hat Details:

Style: Richardson 112FP

Colors: Chocolate Chip/Birch

Patch: Leatherette in Rawhide

Inlay: Kelly Green


Dixon's Story from his mother as of 3/20/2023:

Many of you have been following Dixon's incredible journey.  We're happy to share that his dialysis treatments are going well, and he's reached a healthy weight of 10.7 kilograms! This is a huge milestone because reaching 10kg is a requirement for getting on the transplant list.

However, there are still hurdles to overcome. Dixon's doctors have determined he needs additional surgeries before being listed. While one of these surgeries (nephrectomy) might increase the frequency of dialysis, making long commutes difficult.  This could mean relocating to Cincinnati for our family.

The exact frequency of dialysis won't be known until after the surgery. Regardless, we're committed to doing everything we can for Dixon's well-being, even if it means relocating.

The good news is that after this procedure, Dixon will be eligible for the transplant list!  However, the entire transplant process will incur significant medical expenses.

Supporting Dixon:

By purchasing this hat, you're not just getting a stylish piece of headwear, you're directly supporting Dixon on his road to recovery.  The proceeds of this hat will go directly to Dixon’s family.

These hats will be made to order and delivery times may vary depending on availability of stock.


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